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Apply for a byke.com URL

  1. Would You like a byke.com address?
Simply e-mail us your current webpage URL .
If we think it is appropriate , we will offer you a FREE byke.com "shadow" URL.
Example : www.byke.com/yourname
  2. What does it take to qualify for a byke.com URL?
We do not take on many new sites , however we are always open for suggestions. We tend to prefer pages that has some of these qualities:
Updated often
Advert free (if possible)
Local information (if possible)
  3. What we don't like :
Bad design
Lots of adverts
Never updated
No point (example: School project)
  4. I want to apply but I have a commercial site .
If you have a commercial site and would like to either get a byke.com address or a listing on byke.com, simply contact us for more information.
  5. Do I get free server space with byke.com
At this moment we only offer a free shadow address.
In the future we would like to offer free server space but at this moment we do not have the funds to offer it.
  6. Do I get free advertising space with byke.com
If you can show that you are getting a large amount of hits through your byke.com address (at least 120+ a day) then you can apply for your banner to be put up on byke.
  7. What is a byke.com shadow address?
A shadow address is a byke.com URL that points to your page (example:www.webhoster6.com/~yourpage)
So if you qualify for a byke.com address, your URL will
read : www.byke.com/yourname.
[E-mail : webmaster@byke.com]

December 24th 2006
Dear Readers - My name is Mark Pettersson and I set up byke.com many many years ago when the interenet was new and exciting, at this time my only only goal was to create a form of information portal mostly based in the BMX world. Years have passed and I have been keeping this out of date site up purely so that any of its email users can continue to access their mail. Now after all these years I went to check the site out and found the email function doesnt work. The email accounts were actually handled by a seperate company called bigmailbox.com and they took care of all the emial accounts for free as long as I allowed them to show banners on the free email accounts.... only downside is that from what I have been able to research is that they went out of buisness in July 2006 without notifying myself and many others. So now its a time for change ... I am not sure what will happen to this website since its current setup is outdated. I am working on a few ideas for 2007 and will hopefully figure something out soon - sorry for this problem it was beyond my controll, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at byke@chello.se. - Thanks Mark

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